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Address of Head Office: 
Beitai Town, Benxi City, Liaoning Province,P.R.China.117017

Sales Manager:Liu Zhenfei:
Mobile:+86-13804146425   Tel:+86 24 42224397



Regional manager:Ms. Mu Chunru

Mobile:+86-13941457680   Tel:+86 24 42224349

Regional market:America


Regional manager:Ms. Julie Zou

Mobile:+86-15041498407   Tel:+86 24 42224359

Regional market:Southeast Asia (including India)、Australia、Europe、Kuwait and Qatar


Regional managerMr. Fu Guowu

Mobile:+86-13500445792   Tel:+86 24 42224334

Regional marketMiddle eastEast of MediterraneanWest of India (including Turkey and Stan State of central Asia)Tunis and Egypt


Regional managerMr. Henry Wang

Mobile:+86-13904140470   Tel:+86 24 42224378

Regional marketAfrica (except Tunis and Egypt)Oman


Regional manager:Mr. Liu Wei
:+86-18641486919  Tel
:+86 24 42224468
Regional market:Vietnam、Russia 



Regional manager:Mr. Zhao Xiaoyu

Mobile:+86-18641418855  Tel:+86 24 42224450

Regional market:The Republic of Turkey