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Statement of Benxi Beitai Ductile Cast Iron

Number of visits: Date:2014-1-8 09:59
In the recent sales market of ductile iron pipes, there are some pipes manufacturers, resellers and salesmen who have been doing business negotiations under the name of “Benxi Beitai Ductile Cast Iron Pipes Co.,Ltd.” without the actual authorization from our cooperate juridical person. The mentioned people and their act do not only affect our good reputation, disturb DI pipes market order, but also bring serious hidden trouble of quality to the clients. The trademark “Beitai”was issued and registered by SAIC (the State Administration of Industry and Commerce) and our company is a subsidiary of Benxi Steel Group Corporation, which is a national key state-owned enterprise. Hereby we state that: all the ongoing fraudulent conducts must be ceased immediately; otherwise our company will take legal actions to safeguard the legitimate rights and interest of our own. Official website: Corporate juridical person: Mr. Yang Jicheng Business license registration number: 210513000002374 Anti-counterfeiting office: 0414-2529877 Anti-counterfeiting officer: Mr. Liu Decai 13904148639 Mr. Li Jinsong 15004140180

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