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Casting company to carry out "service members into the community" voluntary service Day activities

Writer:Zhang XuanNumber of visits: Date:2016-8-12 15:04

"Working party members into the community" voluntary service Day is an important event to commemorate the 95 anniversary of the founding of the "two do a school" education is an important content. Pipes Corporation Party attaches great importance to the initiative to get in touch with Dongxing community activities designed to effectively play a vanguard and exemplary role of party members in the community building, and establish a good image.
Casting company serving a total of 38 party members and party members into the Dongxing community, solve the hot issues of the masses. In a residential community that the elderly are more permanent, year-round residential nobody before cleaning, weeds, travel inconvenience, working party members to act now to help the community clean up weeds, garbage and drains to give community residents praise. Activities a retired old members of another nearby residential areas also joined the volunteer work in the past. In addition, the company party to carry out the actual action of personalized service, the maintenance organization members to four residents of the home, the process of aging circuit, connected lighting.
After attending voluntary labor, under the leadership of community workers, service members to a hardship at home, the old lady has been nine years in a vegetative state, a step not leave his wife to take care of nine years. Community leaders said that as an old party member, the elderly very supportive community work, we inspire more confidence "to build homes as a vanguard and services contribute to the revitalization" of. Coincidentally, in further exchanges with the elderly also understand, road, old man's son turned out to be cast pipe company employees, because the elderly do not live together with his son, did not meet the standards of workers in difficulty, the aid activities, although only sent some life supplies, has inspired the elderly son's enthusiasm for work, which virtually do publicity and guidance role.
Party members into the community activities so that service members are keenly aware of the importance of his spare time to actively participate in the construction of the community, to the warmth of the community, so community residents also receive relevant education, the expansion of good social effect.





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