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The adjustment of product structure to increase profitability of new momentum

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Innovative brand to expand market
Pipes adjustment of product structure to
increase profitability of new momentum


WASHINGTON (special correspondent Ji born right) This year, the North Camp cast pipe company to accelerate the pace of adjustment of product structure, thermal molding large diameter DN1500,2000T 2600K increased profits and new product development based marketing strategy to determine the beginning of the year, all completed on schedule enrich the product mix and new products into the market of all, to expand the market space has added a new momentum.
At the beginning of this year, the company firmly grasp the hot molding of large diameter pipe, three high-quality anti-corrosion epoxy ceramic tube and a tapered tube product sales trends at the same time, the company increased profits to new products, the world's largest diameter DN2600K type casting mass production as a breakthrough, concentrate on tackling the many technical difficulties. The first product has been successfully off the assembly line, marking the completion of the adjustment of product structure, to seize market opportunities and win the opportunity to become a new profit growth this year. As casting manufacturing backbone enterprises, the company now has production GB13295, ISO2531, BSEN545, BSEN598 four standard; T-type, K-type, N-type, S-type and self-anchored pipe six series, the caliber DN80mm -DN2600mm all 26 kinds of specifications of iron pipe products.
For DN1500 and 2000T type large diameter heat molding casting new product research and development production, the company's focus on selling "short, flat, fast" paced, innovative technology, product quality to the depth of excavation for the new scale, product upgrades aimed at high-precision tip. In this process, the company by strengthening the convergence process of each production line, adjust the production process technical parameters and quality testing standards, compression non-productive time is occupied initiatives, resources and equipment for technological transformation upgraded to fine finishing equipment adjusted basis, with emphasis on equipment operation rate, etc., to effectively promote the progress of new product development. New products stereotypes production, to expand the market space has added a new momentum, and for the subsequent production, inventory and sales of the full range of timely delivery, well ahead of the technical preparations.
In another development, as DN2000T type casting new products, "sisters" products, pushing the construction of new technologies with a new ductile iron pipe products have been successfully developed. The product is formed by the outer wall of the tubular body increases flanges, ribs, pour a certain thickness of concrete technology of production. The new product is suitable for through roads, railways and rivers not digging ditches under the conditions stipulated construction using excavation shield Pushing Construction of new technologies, the pipe jacking underground section by section Installation. Help to improve construction efficiency, reduce construction costs and will boost further enhance the "Bengang" ductile iron pipe market product development capability.



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