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Companies epoxy ceramic tube Liaoning Province won the third prize of Science and Technology Awards

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"Bengang" ductile iron pipe lined with ceramic epoxy
Liaoning Province won the third prize of
Science and Technology Awards


WASHINGTON (born freelance reporter season right) Recently, learned from relevant departments, the company independently developed by casting, innovation and development, has formed a production and sales volume, "Bengang" epoxy lined ductile iron pipe ceramic products, won the 2015 year, the Liaoning Provincial Science and technology Awards prize.
As early as 2012, according to the company's ductile iron pipe industry development trend and their own reality, to optimize the product structure adjustment, adhere to the market demand, enhance the ability to predict the market, make great efforts to integrate technology and equipment resource structure, enhance independent innovation and research and development capabilities, the introduction of new technology, new technologies were successfully developed DN1400 large-diameter and small-caliber DN300-600 epoxy-lined ceramic tube two series of new varieties, all products enter the international market.
In 2014, the company successfully developed with the first production of ductile iron pipe lined with ceramic epoxy industry-leading technology, product quality in line with BS EN15189: 2006 standard, the inner liner Fight breakdown voltage 20KV / mm, tested spark rate 100% advantage, and good marketing performance. The company was identified as the main drafting standard units and standard review Sponsor China Foundry Association. Is mid-October, hosted by the North Camp cast pipe company's China Foundry Association Standards Review Meeting "ductile iron pipes, fittings and accessories for epoxy ceramic liner" was successfully held in Benxi City. "Bengang" epoxy lined ductile iron pipe ceramic products through national technical appraisal review. Thus, "Bengang" ductile iron pipe products achieved by the "now run" to "lead" into the ranks of conversion.
Currently, the company has DN80-2600 caliber 26 specifications of epoxy lined ductile iron pipe production capacity of ceramic. Epoxy lined ductile iron pipe as one of the ceramic "Bengang" casting three high-quality products, firmly occupy the domestic and international market share. Among them, medium and large caliber DN600-1400 ceramic epoxy lining tube flagship marketing quality products. Further laying the ductile iron pipe products, "Bengang creation" of the industry and market dominance.




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