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North Camp Pipes Corporation tree strong brand to develop new markets and vigorously promote the product certification

Number of visits: Date:2016-8-12 15:10

Benxi Iron and Steel Group's casting as emerging brands, sold around the world more than 70 countries and regions, the company's products in the position occupied by the family also increased gradually. Benxi Iron and Steel Pipes to consolidate the brand position of the relevant licenses casting products, and expand the sales market, is particularly important, but also to cast pipe company certification as a top priority, to achieve better effective.
Personally managed by the company's technical director manager front, requiring all departments and work area strictly related materials prepared in accordance with the certification requirements, actively carry out sample inspection work, the preparatory work related to certification should be based on the time node requirements, quality and quantity of completed certification to ensure the smooth operations of the company. In order to meet the requirements of the international market, to promote Benxi Iron casting products into the European market, and its products at the same time in line with international standards, must also be in line with European standards, particularly cement lining in line with European drinking water standards, the company's technical staff on the one hand research European standards, ductile iron pipe on the one hand to expand the cement lining in line with European standards test, according to standard test block production of sulphate resisting cement, simulated immersion test, test block of cement, sand, water, ratio test, the water temperature test, test pieces completed and sent to the UK laboratory tested WAB. Meanwhile, the company actively organize certification rules Publicizing do a good job related certification training, organization type tests to ensure casting products passed the French BV product certification, and water pipes, sewers full-size cover.
Meanwhile, ordinary cement-lined ductile iron pipe coated with asphalt also passed the ISO9001: 2015, ISO2531: 2009, BS EN545: 2010, ISO7186: 2011, ISO4179: 2005, ISO8179: 2004 and other international standards.
The principle of the company to comply with laws and regulations to protect the environment at the same time also pay attention to seize the quality of environmental protection, environmental training organizations related storage of dangerous chemicals, hazardous waste and other emissions, prompting the company passed the ISO14001: 2015 environment system certification . In order to meet the specific requirements of large enterprises and large-scale urban underground pipe network transformation, the company also multi-pronged approach from the organization of production, quality control, equipment modification, etc., and strive to adapt to diverse customer requirements, China's nuclear industry, as China's largest military enterprises, at home and abroad has a huge influence in the casting of all employees work together, casting the company also passed the nuclear suppliers Group's assessment, successfully become nuclear suppliers group, and successfully signed 3.6 million tonnes large single contract, prompting the Benxi Iron and Steel Pipes become the Northwest market brand called the ring.

Pipes Corporation correspondent: Liulin Li



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