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North Camp casting company "five small" key role "big"

Number of visits: Date:2016-8-12 15:12

WASHINGTON (special correspondent Ji born right) This year, the North Camp cast pipe company continued to strengthen technological innovation, in a wide range of workers sent to carry out the "small innovations, small inventions, small transformation, small design and tips" for the content of the "five small "technical research activities, development of new products, tapping the potential of the standard and quality, efficiency and other technical problems had a" catalytic effect "and" big "role. As of late July, to help complete the world's largest diameter DN2600 Ductile Iron Pipes marked product structure adjustment target; there are four accreditation through the use of technology to declare national invention patents; strong impetus to the whole process, the whole process and comprehensive cost reduction efficiency and orderly work forward, and achieved gratifying results.
Still face tough steel market situation and tasks, the company to "excel, two learn to do a" study and education to push hands, around the production, equipment, quality, and cost eight, and actively carry out Libiao on rationalization proposals of moving, and compliance, a standard way, and the establishment of incentive system to carry out QC activities. Since the beginning, enrolling a total of induction, project implementation twenty-nine pairs of tapping the potential scale research projects, completed by the time the node have achieved good results. Increase for all products qualified rate of 0.5% of research indicators, through the water-cooled type centrifuge take fine fine adjustment and technological overhaul, re-optimize the technical parameters, so that the socket cast iron pipe full rate of 100%, the casting process scrap month average fell 0.27 percent; lining health technology, adopted the recommendations of the porous exhaust steam pipe to solve the lining of the cavity, the collapse of lining and other quality problems, can save more than 8000 cubic meters per year of steam, tips generate large benefits.
The company is also a "model worker Technological Innovation Studio" is established as a promoter, extensive "division with only, mentoring" activities of workers, the artisans in the spirit of technological innovation to upgrade equipment, product structure adjustment and other production practices Miguel, ingenuity cohesion material way control valve and the water tank outlet angle iron and many other small inventions, small design and small transformation emerged to address the quality and efficiency of enterprise big problem, also won the national patent. Last winter and spring, Li Chun-hai technology innovation designed and manufactured small portable studio lathe tooling equipment, upgrading Three hot mold method centrifugal chillers come in great use to make precision centrifuge repair roller group reaches 0.1mm, to ensure that the DN1500,2000T type 2600K and increased profits by three specifications of production of new products into the market on schedule. This alone would save an annual 17.3 million yuan for repairs outside the Commission.
In addition, the company is also actively play a front-line workers intelligent wit, the "five-good team" standard as the foundation, based on the post active meritorious contest, double by double, to contribute to activities such as brainstorming, "clever" to do this by reducing efficiency great article. Workers involved in the "five small" campaign enthusiasm rising, small innovations, tips and golden idea after another to improve the efficiency of single production, repair old and also had a large energy saving benefits. More than ten small innovations plus special use pipe molding machine grinding, turning, cutting and welding equipment and other technology, and more than two years of continuous production equipment maintenance played a big role in annual savings of material cost more than 201,000 yuan. Large diameter socket casting sand core spreader design, so cold-box method forming rate and the probability of casting sand core socket are up 100%.


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