About us

About us

Benxi Beitai Ductile Cast Iron Pipes Co., Ltd.


Benxi Beitai Ductile Cast Iron Pipes Co., Ltd is a share-holding subsidiary company of Ansteel Group, which is one of the largest Central Enterprises in China. The company was founded in May 1990 and put into operation in October 1994, with fix assets of 1.38 billion Yuan, occupied area of 24 hectares and annual capacity of 700,000tons. Benxi Beitai Ductile Cast Iron Pipes Co., Ltd is now one of the leading manufactures for ductile cast iron pipes and fittings in China.

The company's pipe diameter range from DN80mm to DN2600mm.The products can meet the standards of ISO2531, ISO4179, ISO8179, ISO7186, EN545, EN598, EN15189, EN15655, EN14901 and other equivalent standards according to the requirement of customer.


We offer different joint pipes such as T type joint, K type joint and self-restrained joint pipe for water conveyance, N1 joint or S joint pipe for gas transportation;


We offer different lining pipe such as Portland cement mortar lining pipe, Sulphate resistant cement mortar lining pipe, High alumina cement mortar lining pipe, Ceramic epoxy lining pipe, Polyurethane lining pipe and Epoxy lining pipe etc.


We offer different coating pipe such as Bitumen coating pipe, Coal tar epoxy coating pipe, HCPE coating pipe, Epoxy coating pipe and Polyurethane coating pipe etc.


Our pipe and fitting take the advantage of high quality raw material (low phosphorus and low sulfur iron water) from group, first class equipment and technique, are widely used in water conveying projects. Our products have been sold to all over China domestic market and export to more than 70 countries all over the world.


Our company pursues the tenet that" Quality is life and customer is first" , operate in accordance with ISO9001 quality control system strictly and producing in accordance with standards as requirement.


We sincerely wish to have the opportunity to cooperate with friends and partners all over the world and serve with our high quality products.

Benxi Beitai Ductile Cast Iron Pipes Co., Ltd. 

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