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[Second Phase of Safety Month] Beiying Casting Pipe Co., Ltd. carried out the activity of "shooting hidden dangers, preventing risks, and curbing accidents" and achieved results

During the safety month, Beiying Casting Pipe Co., Ltd. actively organized and carried out the activities of "shooting hidden dangers, preventing risks, and curbing accidents", which effectively mobilized the enthusiasm and initiative of all employees to participate in safety management and supervision, and formed a platform for all employees to care, pay attention, and participate in safety. The power of management.
19 2022/06

[Work together to fight the epidemic] The nucleic acid detection work in the front area of the Beiying Casting Pipe Company's office building is in order

Don't panic in the face of the epidemic 2021.1.12 In order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention work of Benxi City, do a good job in enterprise epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely adhere to the bottom line of enterprise epidemic prevention and control. Recently, in accordance with the unified deployment of the Benxi Municipal Government, the Beiying Company of Benxi Iron and Steel Group carried out nucleic acid testing for all employees of the company, and effectively built a network for epidemic prevention and control. Beiying Cast Pipe Company is responsible for the layout and order maintenance of the inspection points in the square in front of the office building.
06 2022/05

Contribute to the construction of "AAA" scenic garden-style factories in Beiying

According to Beiying Company's "Promotion Work Plan for the Construction of Garden-style Factory in Beiying Company's "AAA" Grade Scenic Spots' and the overall arrangement of Beiying Company's garden-style factory construction, in order to allow the majority of employees to have a clean, tidy and comfortable production and living environment, 5 On March 1, Beiying Casting Pipe Company organized more than 60 party members, league members and volunteer representatives to carry out environmental cleanup and rectification work in the responsible area of the Xihe River.
05 2022/05

[Party Member Pioneer] Beiying Cast Pipe Company organized the voluntary labor of party members to contribute to the creation of an AAA-level garden-style factory

In order to welcome the centenary of the founding of the party, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary leading role of party members, and further demonstrate the demeanor of party members and volunteers. On April 30, the party committee of Beiying Casting Pipe Company organized party members, cadres and backbones of Casting Pipe Company to carry out voluntary labor for party members. Nearly 100 party members contributed to improving the enterprise environment by cleaning up the environment.
04 2022/05

[Listen to the voices of employees] Beiying Casting Pipe Company held a symposium on representatives of grassroots employees

"It is recommended to further improve the quality of spare parts to ensure the quality of maintenance." "Suggest to the higher-level department to optimize the spare parts approval process." "Opinions on employee scoring and assessment." This is a scene where the employee representatives expressed their opinions, spoke freely, and raised questions and suggestions at the symposium of the grass-roots employee representatives of Beiying Casting Pipe Company on April 29. At the symposium, employee representatives played their role as representatives, and put forward matters related to the vital interests of employees, such as "employee performance assessment, improving the quality of spare parts, and evaluating opinions for employees".
29 2022/04

[Safety Month Activities] Implementation Plan of Beiying Casting Pipe Company's 2022 "Safety Production Month" Activities

According to the deployment of the Group and Beiying Company, in order to thoroughly implement the 21st National “Safety Production Month” activity and further implement the various tasks of the Safety Month, this plan was formulated in combination with the actual situation of the Casting Pipe Company.
07 2022/06
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